Because Of You, I Am Me

'Because of You' Photography by Dianne Furphy

I put so much dedication and work into myself–to better myself each and every day.
I want to be a better person than I was yesterday.
Living from my heart with all that I do and say…
Life is so much fun with all of the creative play.
And each night I lay,
I pray how blessed and grateful I am for all those in my life who choose to stay.
Thank you to my best friend, my significant other for meeting me half way,
…and to all of my beautiful family and friends who gladly brings sunshine rays into each of my days…
I love you–
…And because of you, I shall always obey and never run astray due to all of the love you relay.

-Written By Dianne Furphy
June 2013

Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want.

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