Be Nice & Kind…

When you have not-so-nice things to say about others (or even yourself) or if you talk bad about them behind their back – the greater you shall receive such negativity in your life.

When you have such kind and nice things to say about others (and yourself), this will always lead to such greatness in your own life.

What you put out, you shall receive back – tenfold.

Therefore, let’s all send out lots of love & well wishes to ALL of humanity and our planet earth today (and everyday). Let’s appreciate the beautiful gifts we are given each day we open our eyes to live out a new day (there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for)… this will not only help heal humanity and planet earth – but by sending out positive, uplifting thoughts, vibes, words and prayers ~ we are also bringing ourselves closer to the Light of all the goodness there IS<3

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