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About Me: Dianne Furphy, Person Behind Create What You Want:

Well hello there and welcome to my feel-good place on the Internet!

I just Am! …But if you are to label me of Who I Am then; Hi, my name is Dianne and you can call me an artist and a friend to all. I have a passion for the arts such as painting, photography, arts and crafts and anything creative, unique and fun! I love rainbows and my favorite color is pink. I love capturing a moment with my camera and I love painting in acrylics; I am self-taught–I have always been into drawing and doodling since I was a young girl. I also love arts and crafts and experimenting with materials around the house and making creative use out of them. I believe my work to be very uplifting and I put a lot of love, light and positivity in all I do. I am excited to share my soul with the whole world—may it provide you with lots of inspiration!

My interests and hobbies include being ever-so curious and exploring life, learning (and one thing I have learned for sure is that I absolutely love traveling and learning about different cultures and backgrounds and exploring the beautiful land all over the world), and growing, and evolving, meditation, yoga, psychology, philosophy, reading, taking walks, hiking, the Universe and the list goes on. More importantly, I am learning and creating who I Am; as I am on this school-of-life-long-learning-journey; as I believe we all are.

Why I run my Blog:

I run my blog, Create What You Want, because I love people and I get such a good-feel to inspire others and brighten their day; not to mention, I like to express myself through writing too. I write inspirational articles based from my personal experiences that demonstrate my life strategies and abilities on specific topics such positive thinking, making good choices, creativity, and most importantly, loving myself and breaking down the barriers I have built towards love.

I believe every experience shapes a person for who they are and what they have become and by being optimistic, grateful and kind in each situation and experience; it creates a healthier lifestyle for me. Aren’t all life experiences what we learn from; to grow and develop?! I believe so… And this is why I like to write, to share my personal insight, being I believe many can relate to how I feel. Therefore, I deeply believe by sharing experiences, we can come to learn from one another. So please feel free to comment, share any thoughts, ideas, feelings, or whatever it may be on any of the topics listed on Create What You Want. Let’s come together to brighten this world even more.

With that said, thank you for stopping by my blog as I abundantly hope my posts has great influence and value in your life. I care for all of humanity and only want the best for everyone. …For I believe everyone and everything are interconnected and just by believing in yourself and having a positive attitude can change and transform your whole life (and world) for the better!

Let’s continue to be the love that we are, not just for ourselves but for one another… to Shine On & to Shine Bright!

Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want…

Dianne Furphy

“Whisper words of wisdom; let it be.” –John Lennon <3

Key Terms achieved in this blog: Lots of Love, Happiness, Gratitude, Optimism,Healthiness, Faith, Belief, Positiveness, Peace, Joy, Laughter, Motivation Harmony, Tranquility, Creativity, Imagination, Inspiration, Self-Empowerment, Self-Development, Well-Being and all the above…..

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  3. Dianne, if I didn’t know you personally and I read that blog, my negative side(which you are helping me work on), I would have thought “bullcrap, who ever this girl is saying all this stuff is lying. There’s no way someone thinks that positve and cares about people like she claims.” But let me tell you and especially any one who read this that doesn’t know you personally know you. You ARE such a awesome person and would do anything for anybody. And if you were’nt ALREADY in the field of helping others, anybody who knows how caring, understanding, and unselfish you are would be telling you that you should be. You have touched my life in so many ways and I’m 100% positive there are many others that can or already did tell you the same.I really am so grateful to have you a part of my life Keep up the good work. Thank you for being a friend since the 1st day I met you…. With Love AAF…….Matt

  4. Matt,

    Thank you so very much for your kind, moving words. It truly means so much to me and I am very grateful that I am able to help and be there for you in any way that I can. You too are awesome!!! Thank you for being YOU.

    Much Love,

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  8. Hi, Dianne. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for linking back to my Leo Buscaglia quote. I’m looking forward to following your blog via RSS. Have a wonderful day and thanks again :)

    • Thank you so much happyhealthy365/kat… love the name too BTW. Happy reading!… and I shall continue to read through yours for the inspiration and motivation. LOTS OF LOVE!

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